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Searchlights And Spotlights

A fast and easy way to draw crowds from miles away. You can now buy your own searchlight for less than the cost of a normal three-four week rental. 

Searchlights can be used for all types of promotions like: grand openings, new product introductions, movie premieres, open houses, concerts, public fairs, pumpkin and Christmas tree lots and many other events that need immediate excitement. 

For ordering information please e-mail:
714-459-4900  info@advertisingballoonsofamerica.com or go to Order information.


1200 watt HMI Bulb

4000 watt HMI Bulb

4000 watt HMI Bulb

Xenon 1
1000 watt Xenon Bulb 


Xenon 2
2000 watt Xenon Bulb 

Xenon 5
5000 watt Xenon Bulb