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Big Round Helium Balloons

Increase Your Visibility & Sales!

Our large helium balls are the ultimate in small and large business advertising. All giant round advertising balloons are made of durable PVC  and  manufactured with a UV inhibitor in the material throughout the entire balloon to protect them from fading.  This specially manufactured  closed cell material is designed to hold helium perfectly and is 18 mil thick.  This material is ideal for outdoor use and is much stronger and  better than the 3.5 mil or 6 mil urethane material that other companies use .


  • 7 or 10 foot round PVC balloon

  • Available in white, red, orange, yellow, blue, clear, black, silver, gold & green (custom colors available at additional charge)

  • Harness strings attached to ball and 125 foot long tether line

  • 5 foot inflation hose to transfer helium from tank to ball

  • These balloons are designed to be reused over and over again

  • We would be happy to quote your specific project

Large Round
Advertising Balloons

Havoline's 10ft. advertising balloon
Perfect For Trade Shows

Click here for Gallery

For prices and quotes please email us at info@advertisingballoonsofamerica.com. We will be glad to answer any questions that you may have.


Please note that the colors displayed on your monitor only represent the actual balloon colors. Custom colors are available for an additional charge and additional production time.

Order Information:
  • All helium fill balloon packages include balloon, attached harness lines, 125' tether line, 5' long inflation hose with brass fitting, repair kit and instruction manual.
  • Production time is 10-15 working days (does not include shipping time, or time for any possible art that is necessary).
  • If you are providing the art, it can be mailed or emailed.
    Email art to: info@advertisingballoonsof america.com
  • For instructions on sending art click here: Sending Art
  • When we receive your order an invoice will be made. We will add any art charges. It will be faxed, or emailed to you for your approval and signature.